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Beyond our physical durian shop in Singapore, you can now indulge in this rich and creamy goodness at the comfort of your own home. Feeling sluggish but can’t give your much-needed durian fix a miss? Or yearning for one late in the night? Durian 36 is here to save the day. Thanks to our durian delivery services in Singapore

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It is no secret that the supply of durians come and go with the season. While you can find durians spreading across the island, especially in Geylang, when the durian season is in full swing, off-seasons are possibly durian connoisseurs’ worst nightmare. This is especially so when you struggle to get hold of that custard-like golden flesh encapsulated in the thorny shell in stalls when intense cravings strike. But fret not, because Durian 36 is here to change the game. With our home-grown plantation, we make it possible for you to buy top quality durian online regardless of the season.

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We are not just any durian shop in Geylang. Many may also recognise us as a durian party, event or buffet provider in Singapore. Not only are we at the helm of our physical stall and online platform, but we also manage the end-to-end logistics for your durian event so you can focus on larger business strategies. Regardless of what your party and event needs are, you can trust us to take you on a gastronomic adventure. Ready to revolutionise your durian experience? Check out our durian party deals today.

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