Durian 36


Durian is an extremely popular delicacy in Singapore. Likewise, durian party or event had gained a lot of attention within the community of Singapore as well. For some company and community centre, it had even become an annual event.
Nothing beats enjoying the fresh pulp out of fruit experience together with your friends, family, or colleagues!
No, it is not a type of durian.
DURIAN 36 is named after our flagship durian store at Geylang. As we are located at Lorong 36, thus the name DURIAN 36.
The name, DURIAN 36 may sounds alien. But in fact, we have been actively trading for almost two decades in Singapore.
Many of you would have known us as Fruits Top 1 Department Store.
Over the years we were engaged to conduct high-quality events of various types and scales. From the largest durian buffet to mini private durian party, you name it we have done it!.
With the birth of DURIAN 36, we set forth to revolutionize the experience of enjoying durians!
Being an industry leader, we are aspired to revolutionize your durian experience. Committed to achieving nothing but 100% customer satisfaction, here's what we can promise you.

Quality Assurance
We aim to maintain great reputation that in time, our name will become synonymous to unmatched, excellent quality durian party provider in Singapore. Thus we take extra mile to quality-check our durians before they are served at your event.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing
Durian 36 customers can expect transparent pricing, which translates to absolutely no hidden charges, and reasonably priced durians. The reason we are able to do so, due to economies of scale we possess. We serve over 300+ tonnes of durians annually in Singapore from our home-grown farms, and long-standing suppliers.

Service Orientated
At Durian 36, we believe that "Being professional is just really clearly the way to go and helps you on the road to longevity". Do not worry if you are not sure how to organise a durian party, as we will walk you through!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
By providing attentive service and by catering only high quality durians, we are confident that you will have an exquisite durian feast. However, should we fail to meet your expectations, simply contact us and we'll go extra mile to ensure that you'll get nothing but exceptional customer experience.



We believe in being honest and giving the best service possible to our clients.



We aim to revolutionize the durian service industry by delivering a superior durian experience to our valued clients.